Sept 20 Peralta College Board Candidate Forum

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The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland (MGO) Democratic Club Invites You to Attend our Peralta Colleges Endorsement Meeting 
Tuesday Evening September 20, 2022, 7:30-9:00 p.m.
Zoom Link:

See Appearance Schedule Below
Dear Members and Friends of MGO,You are invited to join our candidate endorsement night on Sept 20, 2022 election.   We are inviting Peralta College candidates who are running for positions on the Schedule that appears below.

As there have been many candidate forums for Mayor of Oakland, we are not having our own forum.  You may wish to watch the one of the many other ones, such as the one by the League of Women Voters on October 3. Alfred, I don’t see this event on the League’s announcement of upcoming events.  Are you sure of this date?Additionally, we are not scheduling the discussions on local and state ballot measures until the voter information information guides have been mailed out and members have had time to review  them.  Below is the tentative schedule for the Sept 20 zoom meeting, which lists all candidates who have filed papers.  

7:30 –7:40  
Welcome and Meeting Plan (10 min)

Peralta Colleges District 3
Louis Quindlen
Tarrell Gamble

Peralta Colleges District 5
Cindi Reiss
Saleem Gilmore

Peralta Colleges District 7
Seth Steward
Sheweet Yohannes

8:40 –9:00  Discussion

MGO can only endorse candidates who are currently registered members of the Democratic Party. By requesting to be included as a speaker you are confirming your current Democratic Party registration.  To accept this invitation, reply here to Gary Sirbu, e-address  You should at the same time register for this event by clicking on the zoom registration link at the top of this invitation.  That will ensure you have access from the beginning of the program.

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