The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland (MGO) Democratic Club and The Alameda County Democratic Lawyers’ Club Invite You to Attend their Joint Candidate Zoom Endorsement Meeting Tuesday Evening August 23, 2022, 7:00-9:15 p.m.

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The recording of the 8/23 meeting can be viewed here:

The following candidates participated, see below for timestamps at which each section begins

Oakland City Council District 4: Janani Ramachandran & Nenna Joiner

Oakland City Council District 6: Kevin Jenkins & Nancy Sidebotham

Oakland City Council District 2: Nikki Fortunato Bas & Harold Lowe

Oakland School Board District 2: David Kakishiba & Jennifer Brouhard

Oakland School Board District 4: Pecolia Hudson-Manigo, Mike Hutchinson, & Nick Resnick

Oakland School Board District 6: Valerie Bachelor, Kyra Mungia, & Joel Velasquez

AC Transit At-Large: Alfred Twu & Joel Young

AC Transit Ward 3: Stewart Chen & Sarah Syed

EBMUD Ward 3: Marguerite Young & Mark Seedall

The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland (MGO) Democratic Club, The Alameda County Democratic Lawyers’ Club, and Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) Oakland-Berkeley Chapter, Invite You to Attend their Joint Candidate Zoom Endorsement Meeting 
Tuesday Evening August 23, 2022, 7:00-9:15 p.m.
Zoom Link:

See Appearance Schedule Below Dear Members and Friends of MGO, ACDLC and Black Women Organized for Political Action, Oakland-Berkeley Chapter (BWOPA)

MGO and ACDLC are honored that Black Women Organized for Political Action Oakland-Berkeley Chapter BWOPA) has joined us in hosting this event. All of us invite you to attend our joint candidate endorsement night on August 23, 2022 election.   We are inviting all Democratic Party candidates who are running for positions on the Schedule that appears below.

Candidates for Mayor of Oakland will be invited to two later meetings. The date of the first, an in-depth informational meeting which MGO is currently planning, in coordination, with Make Oakland Better Now (MOBN!) the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, and the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, will occur on a date soon to be announced. That program will then be followed in by a separate meeting in September, where we will also discuss ballot measures.  Candidates for uncontested Oakland and county races may also be invited to present at the members-only meeting.

Below is the tentative schedule for the August 23rd zoom meeting, which lists all candidates who have filed papers. 
7:00 –7:10  
Welcome and Meeting Plan (10 min)

Individual Candidate presentations, Five minutes per candidate. 

Oakland City Council D4
Janani Ramachandran
Lanenna “Nenna” Joiner

Oakland City Council D6
Kevin Jenkins
Kenneth Session
Nancy Sidebotham
Yakpasua Zazaboi

Oakland City Council D2
Nikki Fortunato Bas
Harold Lowe

School Board Dist 2
David Kakishiba
Maximino Orozco
Jennifer Brouhard

School Board D4
Pecolia Hudson-Manigo
Mike Hutchinson
Nick Resnick

School Board Dist 6
Valarie Bachelor
Kyra Mungia
Joel Velasquez

AC Transit At Large
Alfred Twu
Joel Young

AC Transit Ward 3
Stewart Chen
Sarah Syed

EBMUD Ward 3
Mark Seedall
Marguerite Young

MGO can only endorse candidates who are currently registered members of the Democratic Party. By requesting to be included as a speaker you are confirming your current Democratic Party registration.  To accept this invitation, reply here to Gary Sirbu, e-address  You should at the same time register for this event by clicking on the zoom registration link at the top of this invitation.  That will ensure you have access from the beginning of the program.

The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland Democratic Club (MGO) is the oldest Democratic club in Oakland, and has been involved in Oakland politics and public policy for over 60 years. It concentrates on issues relating to city and county government. (Demo Fun Fact: In the 1970s, as Senator William Knowland’s Republican dynasty drew to a close, MGO club members Mary Moore and John Sutter,were elected to the first majority-Democratic Oakland City Council.  And Judge Lionel Wilson was elected Oakland’s mayor.)

The Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club (ACDLC) is one of the oldest Democratic clubs in Oakland, consisting of over 250+ lawyers and judges working and/or practicing law in Alameda county. The ACDLC and has been influencing local policy, laws and political races in Alameda County for over 50 years.

The Oakland/Berkeley Chapter of Black Women Organized for Political Action’s (BWOPA) – a 501c4 organization – mission is to activate, motivate, promote, support and educate Black women about the political process, encourage involvement, and to affirm our commitment to, and solving, those problems affecting the African-American community.  BWOPA was established in 1968 and today boasts nine (9) chapters throughout California with over 5,000 members, alliances and partners.

Other Upcoming Events
Oakland Mayor Candidate Forum with MOBN (Make Oakland Better Now)in September, exact date and time TBDOakland Mayor, State & Local Ballot Measures Discussion and Endorsement Meeting
September, exact date and time TBD.  Will be online.

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