PROGRAM / POLICY PLANNING:   Identifies and communicates with panelists for a balanced discussion.   Identifies, researches and communicates policy issues MGO should consider taking a stand.  Present pros/cons to e-board and membership to vote.  Crafts Platform for enewsletter and media notification.

  • Judy*
  • Gretchen
  • Winnie*
  • Brett
  • Gary*
  • Eileen
  • Aisha

MEMBERSHIP:   Provides coverage at membership meetings. Ensures updated monthly membership report.  Designs outreach quarterly (or whenever deem appropriate) programs.

  • Annie*
  • Gayle
  • Steve
  • Chris*




Devises media alerts for events, media releases for Platform positions.   Outreach and organize articles from membership, community, etc. for e-Platform

  • Judy*
  • lajones