Club’s Platforms

January 2014


The Metropolitan–Greater Oakland Democratic Club believes in the dignity of work, the right of every American worker to be paid a livable wage and the right of workers to collectively bargain for that wage.  We support America’s fast food workers in their struggle for decent wages, fringe benefits and the right to unionize.

October 16, 2008


The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland Democratic Club strongly believes that clean, transparent governmental institutions are essentially to maintaining the trust of Oakland’s citizens. Without such trust, government operates under a cloud of suspicion and its legitimacy is eroded.

Oakland’s governmental decisions must remain free of undue or hidden special interest influence and conflicts of interests. Its government work force must remain free from nepotism or special treatment. The conduct of public officials must advance these objectives at all times and must promote confidence that Oakland’s government operates fairly, efficiently, transparently and without waste. Accordingly, the Club supports the enactment or strengthening of ordinances, regulations and policies that ensure these objectives.




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