2022 General Election Endorsements

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Dear MGO Members

Thank you for participating in our endorsement votes! Here are the Metropolitan Greater Oakland Democratic Club’s endorsements for the local elections in the November primary:

Oakland City Council, District 2: Nikki Fortunato Bas
Oakland City Council, District 4: Janani Ramachandran
Oakland City Council, District 6: Kevin Jenkins
AC Transit At-Large: Alfred Twu
EBMUD Ward 3: Marguerite Young

Peralta Community College Board, Area 5: Saleem Gilmore
Peralta Community College Board, Area 7: Seth Steward

No candidate met our threshold for endorsement (60%) for Oakland school board districts, 2, 4, and 6, AC Transit Ward 3, or Peralta Area 3.

More elections, including Oakland Mayor and local ballot measures, will be considered at our 2nd round endorsement meeting.

The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland Democratic Club (MGO) is the oldest Democratic club in Oakland, and has been involved in Oakland politics and public policy for over 60 years.

Metropolitan-Greater Oakland Democratic Club
Presenting Local Government–Keeping It Accountable–Promoting Democratic Values

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