MGO Endorsements for the June 2018 Election

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A heartfelt thanks to all the candidates who took time out of their weekends to speak with MGO at our endorsement meetings on both April 7th and April 21st. To learn more about MGO’s endorsed candidates and measures for the June 2018 election, please click here.



MGO Informational and Endorsement Meetings for the June 2018 Election

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Many thanks to all MGO members, community members, and panelists who attended our January meeting that examined OUSD finances and our February/March meeting that examined the issue of homelessness in Oakland. The MGO Executive Board hopes that these meetings were informative and not only provided in-person access to some of the most relevant people working on these topics, but also spoke to the reasons why you joined MGO in the first place – for in-depth discussion of pressing Oakland issues.

The June election is fast approaching, which means it’s already that time of year for MGO endorsement meetings. Because of the sheer number of candidates and measures that will be on the ballot in June, MGO will hold two meetings.

As of April 5th, candidates for races that have not already been mentioned in the listings for April 7th below are being scheduled into the April 21st meeting. There remain limited slots in the April 7th meeting for candidates in the races listed for that meeting below.

Saturday, April 7, 7:00-9:00pm
Informational Meeting #1

  • Short, one-by-one Q&As with candidates or representatives from the following races:
    • California Governor
    • California Lieutenant Governor
    • California Attorney General
    • California Secretary of State
    • Alameda County Board of Education, District 1
    • Oakland Measure D
    • Regional Measure 3
    • Alameda County Superior Court Judge, Seat 11
    • Alameda County Assessor
    • Alameda County Auditor
  • Informational meeting only – no endorsement vote takes place on this date

Saturday, April 21, 1:30-5:00pm (note revised, earlier start time to accommodate more candidates)
Informational Meeting #2 and Endorsement Vote

  • Short, one-by-one Q&As with candidates or representatives from the following races:
    • California Treasurer
    • California Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • California Lieutenant Governor
    • California Board of Equalization, District 2
    • U.S. Senate
    • Alameda County Measure A
    • California State Assembly, District 15
    • Alameda County District Attorney
  • Full endorsement vote for all offices and measures takes place on this date

All meetings will take place at:
Montclair Presbyterian Church
Family Room
5701 Thornhill Drive
Oakland, CA 94611

If you have not renewed your paid MGO membership in the last two years – or if you would like to become a new MGO member – and would like to vote at the endorsement meeting on Saturday, April 21st, MGO bylaws state that you must be a paid member 20 days before the meeting. This date was Sunday, April 1st.

If you have been a paid MGO member within the last two years, you may renew your membership right until the endorsement meeting. Thanks to all of our existing and new members who have already confirmed their memberships!

The MGO member dues schedule is:

  • $30 – one-year dues for one individual
  • $45 – one-year dues for two individuals living at the same address
  • $50 – two-year dues for one individual
  • $75 – two-year dues for two individuals living at same address
  • $20 – two-year dues for students, seniors, or individuals with limited income

Please make your check payable to MGO Democratic Club and forward your dues to:

Steve Statler, Treasurer
MGO Democratic Club
P.O. Box 11622
Oakland, CA 94611

You may also renew online here at our website (, but please note that the dues quoted here are for two-year memberships.

To receive the latest updates on MGO activities, please “like” our Facebook page or subscribe to our email newsletter. Paid MGO members also receive access to our private MGOTalk email discussion list.

Interagency Coordination and Cooperation in Fighting Crime in Oakland

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Thursday, February 21, 2013   8 PM

Stern Hall, Temple Sinai, 2823 Webster Street, Oakland


To understand the crime problem in Oakland it is important to know what agencies are involved, what their roles are, how they interact, and if they are effective working together. The MGO Democratic Club is proud to announce a panel presentation featuring:

  • Chief of Police Howard Jordan,
  • Chief Probation Officer LaDonna Harris,
  • District Attorney Nancy O’Malley,
  • Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Rhonda Burgess, and
  • Alameda County Public Defender’s Office.

This is the second in a monthly series on Perspectives on Crime in Oakland presented by the MetropolitanGreater Oakland Democratic Club. Future programs include:

  • Can New York City’s Crime-Fighting Techniques Work in Oakland?
  • Oakland Police Department and the Compliance Directorship: What Will the Compliance Director Do to OPD?
  • Operation Ceasefire: What Will It Take to Make It Work?
  • Measure Y: Should It Be Renewed?
  • Realignment: How Is the State Prison Exodus to County Jail Affecting Oakland?

Attendance at an MGO Democratic club meeting is free and members of the public are welcome.


  • NEW!! Read the February 2013 edition of The Platform, the club newsletter here.

Club Endorsements

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City of Oakland

  • City Attorney:  Barbara Parker
  • City Council, At Large:  Rebecca Kaplan
  • City Council, District 1:  Dan Kalb
  • City Council, District 3:  Club declined to endorse
  • City Council, District 5:  Mario Juarez
  • City Council, District 7:  Club declined to endorse any candidate

Peralta Community Colleges:

  • Peralta CC Trustee, Area 1, Club declined to endorse any candidate
  • Peralta CC Trustee, Area 2, Meredith Elayne Brown
  • Peralta CC Trustee, Area 4, Nicky Gonzalez Yuen
  • Peralta CC Trustee, Area 6,  Cy Gulassa

Oakland School Board:

  • Oakland School Board, District 1, Jody London
  • Oakland School Board, District 3, Richard Fuentes
  • Oakland School Board, District 5, Club declined to endorse any candidate
  • Oakland School Board, District 7, Club declined to endorse any candidate

AC Transit:

  • AC Transit Director, At Large, Chris Peeples
  • AC Transit Director, Ward 2, Greg Harper

East Bay Municipal Utility District:

  • EBMUD Director, Ward 5, Doug Linney
  • EBMUD Director, Ward 6,  William “Bill” Patterson

East Bay Regional Park District:

  • East Bay Regional Parks, Ward 2,  John Sutter
  • East Bay Regional Parks, Ward 4,  Doug Siden 

Bay Area Rapid Transit:

  • Bart Director, District 3, Rebecca Saltzman
  • Bart Director, District 7, Zakhary Mallett

Local Measures: 

  • Measure A1, Oakland Zoo Parcel Tax, YES
  • Measure J, Oakland Schools Parcel Tax, YES

State Propositions:

  • Proposition 30, Taxes: Jerry Brown’s Tax Increase, YES
  • Proposition 31, State budget: Two-Year Budget Cycle, NO
  • Proposition 32, Labor: Ban on corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates, NO
  • Proposition 33, Insurance: Car insurance rates can be based on a person’s history of insurance coverage, NO
  • Proposition 34, Death penalty: “End the Death Penalty”, YES
  • Proposition 35, Law enforcement: Prohibition on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery, Club declined to endorse either position
  • Proposition 36, Law enforcement: Repeal of the “Three Strikes” Law, YES
  • Proposition 37, Regulations: Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food, YES
  • Proposition 38, Taxes: Molly Munger’s State Income Tax Increase, Club declined to endorse either position
  • Proposition 39, Taxes: Income Tax Increase for Multistate Businesses, YES
  • Proposition 40, Redistricting: Referendum on the State Senate Redistricting Plan, YES


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MGO is proud to endorse:

  • 18th Assembly District, Abel Guillen
  • Superior Court Judge: Tara Flanagan
  • Alameda County Supervisor, District 4: Nate Miley
  • Alameda County Supervisor, District 5: Keith Carson
  • Prop 28 – Change Term Limits: Support
  • Prop 29 – 5 cent sales tax: Support
  • Measure B – Peralta Parcel Tax: Support

15th AD Central Committee, (the following candidates received 60% or greater):

  • Jesse Arrequin
  • Sharon Ball
  • Elizabeth Echols
  • Beverly Green
  • Kathy Neal

For the 18th AD Central Committee, because of problems with the ballot, we will re-vote on the endorsements by mail. Those members who are currently paid in full, will receive ballots and instructions with their Platform newsletter, along with a stamped return envelope. We apologize to all for the problems with the ballot, but we believe that this measure is the fairest way to determine our endorsements for the office.

Further, we will take the opportunity with the mail-in ballot to vote on endorsements for Assembly, State Senator, and other offices.