Special Energy Choice Vote

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 At our next meeting on Thursday, January 10, 2013, we will be voting on whether to endorse community choice aggregation energy policy for Oakland.

Since 2002 state law has allowed local areas to choose power sources other than PG&E. Finding ways that electricity consumers can get their energy needs met from sources other than PG&E is an idea that has gained much support. Marin County, the city of Richmond and San Francisco have all adopted energy choice programs. This is an important issue affecting clean energy concerns and energy costs and involves everyone in our community.

Enabled by Assembly Bill 117, Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a system that allows local governments to procure electric energy for residents and businesses within a community.  The enabling legislation requires that investor-owned utilities such as PG&E cooperate with local governments to provide electricity delivery over its existing distribution system, including consumer metering, billing, collection and all traditional retail customer services (i.e., call centers, outage restoration, extension of new service.)

CCA is a tool through which local governments can have a choice of where to get their electricity from. Its proponents argue that putting procurement of electricity under public control can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing a platform for local economic development.

In order to vote, you must have been a paid member of MGO for 30 days prior to any endorsement election.


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