Endorsement 2016 Measures

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Alameda Contra Costa Transit  – YES 
Parcel tax initiative 
To preserve essential local public transportation services, including those for youth, commuters, seniors, and people with disabilities, while keeping fares reasonable, shall the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District extend its existing 8 dollars per month parcel tax at current levels for 20 years with no increase in tax rate, raising approximately 30 million dollars annually, with independent oversight and all money spent locally
$3.5 million capital reinvestment measure. 
BART Safety, Reliability and Traffic Relief. To keep BART safe; prevent accidents/breakdowns/delays; relieve overcrowding; reduce traffic congestion/pollution; improve earthquake safety and access for seniors/disabled by replacing and upgrading 90 miles of severely worn tracks; tunnels damaged by water intrusion; 44-year-old train control systems; and other deteriorating infrastructure, shall the Bay Area Rapid Transit District issue $3.5 billion of bonds for acquisition or improvement of real property subject to independent oversight and annual audits
Alameda County Housing Bond – YES
$580 million affordable housing bond. 
ALAMEDA COUNTY AFFORDABLE HOUSING BOND. To provide affordable local housing and prevent displacement of vulnerable populations, including low- and moderate-income households, veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities; provide supportive housing for homeless people countywide; and help low- and middle-income households purchase homes and stay in their communities; shall the County of Alameda issue up to $580 million in general obligation bonds to acquire or improve real property, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits
City of Oakland $600 million bond – YES
Repair local infrastructure 
To improve public safety and invest in neighborhoods throughout Oakland by re-paving streets to remove potholes, rebuilding cracked and deteriorating sidewalks, funding bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, funding affordable housing for Oaklanders, and providing funds for facility improvements, such as, neighborhood recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries, shall the City of Oakland issue $600 million in bonds, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits
Oakland Police Commission – YES
Ballot measure to change the city’s charter in order to create a citizen Police Commission
Oakland’s City Charter be amended to establish: (1) a Police Commission of civilian commissioners to oversee the Police Department by reviewing and proposing changes to Department policies and procedures, requiring the Mayor to appoint any new Chief of Police from a list of candidates provided by the Commission, and having the authority to terminate the Chief of Police for cause; and (2) a Community Police Review Agency to investigate complaints of police misconduct and recommend discipline.
Oakland Soda Tax – YES

A penny-per-ounce revenue stream that could rise up to $12 million per year to aid in efforts to fight obesity.

The City of Oakland impose a 1 cent per ounce general tax on the distribution of sugar-sweetened beverages, including products such as sodas, sports drinks, sweetened teas, energy drinks, but exempting: milk products, 100% juice, baby formula, diet drinks, or drinks taken for medical reasons; and providing an exemption for small businesses
To provide a districtwide educator salary increase designed to attract/retain teachers; provide enhanced middle school art, music, language and other programming.
To provide a districtwide educator salary increase designed to attract/retain teachers; provide enhanced middle school art, music, languages/other programs in addition to core educational programs; improve academic achievement; provide safe, positive schools, and prepare students for college/careers; shall Oakland Unified School District levy a tax of $120 per parcel, providing $12.4 million annually, for 12 years, with exemptions for senior and low income residents, no money for Sacramento, and all money benefitting Oakland students.

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